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Plastic Modular Belting

NGB-USA is a wholly-owned American manufacturer of NGB plastic modular belting. Located in Newark, Delaware, we specialize in the manufacturing and marketing of belts for the food industry, as well as other general conveying applications.

NGB started as a conveyor manufacturer in 1962 and made their first plastic modular belt in 1973. With over 40 years of experience in developing and creating a quality, long-lasting, competitively priced product, NGB has become a leader in the plastic modular industry. Now, that expertise is available in America through NGB-USA.

Our plastic modular line, as well as our table top chain options are continually growing—so if you don't see what you need be sure to ask.


Types of Belts We Offer


(1/2" pitch) 12-400 12-406 12-408 12-408F

Turn Belts

  S-100 S-100S-25 S-200

Table Top Chains

LF 820 LF 880 Tab